We are The Portable Appliance Testing Company

Portable appliance testing (PAT Testing) is vital to protect your business and it’s employees. We aim to give the best PAT Testing service to enable our customers to fulfil their obligations with regard to equipment safety.

We use the latest testing equipment to test both 230v and 110v appliances. Electrical appliances such as kettles, microwaves, fridges, display screens, servers, IT equipment, photocopiers, fixed hand dryers to name but a few, must be frequently tested to comply with health and safety at work Act 1974. As specialists in PAT Testing we are there to help you meet your requirements so that your company complies with legal obligations.

what we do

PAT Testing service

Electrical equipment has to be disconnected prior to testing. To avoid disruption to your business we can offer an out of hours service at no extra charge.

Minor faults found during the course of inspection can be repaired as we find them, more serious faults will be reported to the on-site liaison person.

how we do it

Process for PAT Testing



On completion of inspection and testing a safety certificate and detailed report will be issued for every item tested. All items that pass inspection and testing will have a PASS label affixed. Items that do not pass inspection and testing will have a FAIL label affixed. These items will be brought to the attention of the on-site liaison person.

Glasgow based company

We are a Glasgow based company that can respond to your demands efficiently and quickly. We can travel further afield for inspection and testing.

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Contact us to arrange a no obligation Quote or we can carry out an on-site visit to advise you as to what actions you need to take in relation to PORTABLE APPLIANCE TESTING.

pricing structure

Minimum Charge
£ 40.00
this covers testing the 1st 10 items

After the first 10 items the charge is
£ 1.30
Included is
  • Report
  • Safety certificate
  • Next test date is automatically stored on our system . We will contact you 2 weeks prior to next date.
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Contact us

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